Mesothelioma Alternative Treatment

People are consistently on the lookout for mesothelioma alternative treatments because the mesothelioma cancer is both deadly and complex in nature. Not only are patients constantly looking out for a better mesothelioma alternative treatment, but researchers, scientists and doctors are all constantly trying to figure out new ways for mesothelioma to be treated effectively. The term alternative, when it comes to mesothelioma alternative treatment, refers to using different methods from whatever is traditionally accepted. Most of the mesothelioma alternative treatment options available are not yet scientifically approved, but there are certain treatments that have been found to give relief to patients and there are certain other treatments that are found to be useless so far.

Intraoperative Photodynamic Therapy, also known as IPT, Immunoaugmentative Therapy also known as IAT and Gene Therapy are all some of the more important mesothelioma alternative treatment options that have come to light by way of modern medicine.

Mesothelioma alternative treatment options are designed to aggressively attack the mesothelioma cancer with as few side effects as possible. Alternative treatments work by training the immune system of the patient to recognize the tumor tissue and to destroy it accordingly. This method relies on the use of cancer vaccinations in order to stimulate the immune system of the patient and to make sure that the tumor cells are properly destroyed. IAT or Immunoaugmentative Therapy works by strengthening four different proteins that are found in the blood and balancing them.

There are special drugs that are administered in order to kill the cancer cells in IPT or Intraoperative Photodynamic Therapy. These drugs make the cancer tumors more sensitive to the light. They are injected into veins several days before the surgery, and then during the surgery a special light is used to detect the presence of cancer. IPT tends to be used in the earliest stages of mesothelioma being present in the chest. Mutilated genes, responsible for causing the mesothelioma are either completely replaced or completely removed during the process of gene therapy. This mesothelioma alternative treatment is still in its infancy stage but it is proving to be quite promising.

Some of the more common mesothelioma alternative treatment options have been practiced for a number of generations, but because they do not have any scientific backup to back them up. Homeopathy, for example, is commonly used as an alternative system. One example of a mesothelioma alternative treatment rooted in homeopathic medicine is the use of Iscador which comes from mistletoe. This is an herbal medicine that is capable of boosting the immune system in the body, which helps to prevent mesothelioma from becoming worse. Specific types of diet therapy, rich with minerals and vitamins and metabolic therapy are two other types of alternative treatments. Cartilage from a cow or shark is another example of a food supplement that is utilized in some treatments for mesothelioma, and faith healing, herbs, vitamins and supplements are also used as a mesothelioma alternative treatment.