Mesothelioma Cancer and Humidity

Why is there a relationship between mesothelioma cancer and humidity? Well, first off, if a home does have asbestos-based insulation, most of the insulation is going to be behind the walls. As long as it's undisturbed, there's less of a chance that asbestos particles are going to come out and do damage to those living in the house. However, humidity loosens up these particles. Things are worsened if there is a damaged wall where insulation is exposed. The relationship between mesothelioma cancer and humidity becomes even stronger.

There are millions of Americans in old homes that have asbestos insulation, yet only a few thousand cases of Mesothelioma cancer. This is a type of cancer in which inhaled asbestos particles irritate the protective lining of the lungs, abdomen or heart. The result is a deadly cancer that can kill a person in less than a year. So, indeed, though the number of Mesothelioma sufferers is small, they definitely can't be ignored. In order to prevent more Mesothelioma deaths, it is important to analyze why some have gotten the condition and others haven't. And, in cases where the disease resulted from inhaling asbestos in the home, humidity may be the primary cause.

So, what can one do to weaken the strong binds between Mesothelioma Cancer and humidity? One of the best ways to eliminate both Mesothelioma Cancer and humidity is to get a dehumidifier. This is a device that extracts water that is in the air. It can be surprising how much water the dehumidifier can produce in just a week of operation. Since it gets full rather quickly, you will want to make sure to empty out the water periodically.

Another concern when it comes to Mesothelioma Cancer and humidity is when a house becomes flooded. There is water both on the ground and an increased amount of water in the air. In such a situation, it is very likely that asbestos has been released. To determine this you can get an asbestos testing kit. These normally cost less than $20 and are easy to use. They will tell you instantly if you have a deadly problem on your hands. If so, you will want to vacate your house immediately as you are getting the asbestos insulation professionally removed. Even if you are a handyman, do not attempt to take care of the problem yourself. One has to be an expert at getting rid of asbestos, as the process requires specialized techniques and tools.

Additionally, you will want to get your family tested for mesothelioma cancer, regardless of their ages, just to be on the safe side. Of course, exposure to asbestos alone doesn't necessarily mean you'll get the cancer, as your immune system may be strong enough to expel the particles, but it definitely doesn't hurt to get checked out. Should the doctor find that you do have Mesothelioma, you have a better chance of surviving longer since the disease was found in its earlier stages. Indeed, don't let fear tell you that you don't need mesothelioma testing. Getting the testing early could mean the difference between living 80 plus years and only living a few months.