Mesothelioma Cancer Seminary

When a person gets mesothelioma, they may feel that there is no hope. Things are made worse by the fact that mesothelioma tends to be lethal rather quickly, despite having a very long gestation period, (it may take decades before a person even knows they have the disease). The only thing that could make a mesothelioma sufferer move on with life is the hope in a spiritual power that can help them through such a crisis. A Mesothelioma Cancer seminary could provide such things, as it would not only train doctors to be experts at mesothelioma, but it would also allow them to help patients from a spiritual perspective, something that has been forgotten in Western medicine.

So, what exactly is a Mesothelioma Cancer Seminary? Well, a seminary is defined as a school for theological learning. And Mesothelioma is a disease in which a person develops cancer in the lining of their lungs due to overexposure of asbestos. So, when you combine the terms, a mesothelioma cancer seminary would have to refer to a school in which pre-med students learn about both the conventional and spiritual approaches to dealing with mesothelioma.

What could be done to build a Mesothelioma Cancer Seminary? Well, since the U.S. practices separation of church and state, the government could not be involved in such an institution. Instead, individuals would have to create it with the help of those in the Mesothelioma community. Perhaps a person with money who has been affected by mesothelioma could network with other sufferers and their families, along with prominent Mesothelioma doctors. From there, there is some power in figuring out the steps for creating a successful Mesothelioma Cancer Seminary.

But what about the graduates of such a school? Would they be able to find work? Well, though there are very few people that get the disease, the ones that do often have no one to turn to for helping their condition. And there are still new cases of Mesothelioma popping up everyday. So, being able to find patients shouldn't be a problem. The only real dilemma would be the spiritual focus. Graduates of a Mesothelioma Cancer Seminary would have to determine if they wanted to share their religious/spiritual beliefs with non-believers or work with those who are on their same accord when it comes to religious issues.

The link between spirituality and surviving mesothelioma should not be ignored. If a mesothelioma cancer seminary were to exist in the U.S., many mesothelioma would get the spiritual and conventional medicine they need to help treat their condition. And maybe if such an institution did produce a lot of Mesothelioma survivors, the secular medical community might question the power of spirituality in helping to cure disease.

Although the U.S. does not have an ‘official' mesothelioma cancer seminary, there are a number of Christian schools that teach pre-med. One of the most acclaimed is Liberty University, which offers a superior pre-med program. The only problem is the pre-med program covers everything, not mesothelioma specifically. A true mesothelioma cancer seminary would be dedicated to just mesothelioma.