Mesothelioma Cancer Treatment

The four most common forms of mesothelioma cancer treatment include: drug therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Mesothelioma Cancer is a devastating disease that often caries with it a very grim prognosis. However, there are stories of people beating the disease, even if these stories seem few to those with a more pessimistic outlook. Of those who do beat the disease, they sought Mesothelioma cancer treatment from their doctors or from a Mesothelioma cancer treatment center.

One of the most common drugs used for mesothelioma cancer treatment is called Pemetrexed. The drug is effective because it prevents folic acid from being able to get to deadly cancer cells. Without folic acid the cancer cells cannot reproduce, causing them to die. Patients who turn to Pemetrexed have shown to have their life expectancy increased by three years. As a Mesothelioma cancer treatment, Pemetrexed can be used by itself or in combination with chemotherapy.

The next most common Mesothelioma cancer treatment is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is the process of using chemicals to kill cancer cells. With Pemetrexed although the cancer cells eventually die, (since they don't have the nutrient necessary to grow), the cells do remain alive for a little bit of time. With chemotherapy they are killed much quicker. However, in the process the person may get sick and lose their hair.

Next on the list of Mesothelioma cancer treatment is radiation therapy. Radiation therapy kills cancer cells through a very high amount of radiation. This radiation is either distributed through an external venue, (such as a tube or a wire), a radiation machine or through pills that cause a radioactive reaction from within the body. Ironically, the radiation doesn't actually kill the cells. Instead, it reduces their size as well as damage them so they can no longer reproduce. After that the cell will eventually die. As far as side effects, radiation therapy can produce some of the same symptoms that are associated with chemotherapy.

Finally, surgery can be used as a Mesothelioma cancer treatment. With surgery the tumors are directly removed from the affected areas. However, surgeons must be cautious. If there is leakage during the procedure, the cells could spread onto tissue that is healthy, causing it to become cancerous. Additionally, they will have to be highly skilled at being able to remove the tumor without harming the lung. This is because Mesothelimoa tumors tend to be interlocked, making their removal difficult. In fact, there are many cases where surgery may not be an option at all.

In conclusion, four common Mesothelioma cancer treatments are drugs, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Of these treatments drugs have shown to be a bit more promising, though there have been Mesothelioma sufferers to get success from the other ones as well. Either way, they all offer the same thing for the Mesothelioma sufferer: hope that they will be able to live. And through this hope, perhaps their bodies can become stronger through more spiritual means, further aiding in the Mesothelioma cancer treatment process.