Mesothelioma Info

We have mesothelioma info available about this very rare form of cancer that develops in the membranes or protective sacs surrounding various organs of the body. These membranes are referred to as the mesothelium and they protect organs by producing a type of liquid which allows for mobility of the organs. Specifically, in the case of the lungs, the mesothelium fluid allows ease of movement when breathing. Mesothelioma cancer can begin anywhere in the mesothelium and can be either benign or cancerous. Exposure to asbestos fibers is a known cause of mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Info and Asbestos Exposure

Mesothelioma info also covers asbestos exposure. Asbestos is resistant to heat and has been used as the main material in roofing, waterproofing compounds, flooring and insulation. Its versatile nature made it a useful component in various products on the market, but it was extremely dangerous if inhaled, even if inhaled in very small amounts. Inhaled asbestos fibers pass through the respiratory tract and come into contact with linings of the lungs which can result in pleural mesothelioma. Ingestion of asbestos fibers can affect other linings in the abdominal cavity which results in peritoneal mesothelioma. The real tragedy of asbestos mesothelioma is that it usually takes many years for symptoms to develop and the amount of mesothelioma info available has been limited.

The signs of mesothelioma are typically weight loss with no change in diet, extreme tiredness, difficulty swallowing, hoarse or husky voice, difficulty breathing, a cough that lasts for an extended period of time, chest pain or back pain, extreme sweating and recurring fever. Peritoneal mesothelioma commonly affects the bowel, liver and spleen an often shows signs similar to other bowel related diseases. The first symptoms are typically pain in the abdomen, constipation or diarrhea, an increase in the size of the belly area, nausea, vomiting, fever and anemia.

It is important for an individual to seek medical care if they have had any of these symptoms or have been exposed to asbestos earlier in their life. Mesothelioma takes time to develop so the exposure may have occurred as long ago as 50 years earlier. A trained cancer specialist is the best person to diagnosis mesothelioma.

Symptoms and Mesothelioma Info

Mesothelioma symptoms may occur many months before the disease is detected by a medical professional. Pleural mesothelioma is the most common form of mesothelioma and represents two thirds of all the mesothelioma info documented. The pleura lining of the lungs and chest are the areas affected by pleural mesothelioma.

Asbestos is still found almost everywhere, at home, at work, or in public buildings. Workers involved in building demolition should take extra care and precautions to avoid contact with asbestos through inhalation or ingestion. Mesothelioma info on the low rate of cases detected over the past 20 years is increasing as more individuals develop symptoms and seek medical attention.

In the United States almost 2,000 new cases of mesothelioma are detected each year. It has historically occurred mostly in men because they were generally the ones who were involved in activities that required the use of asbestos. Industrial workers, miners, railroad workers, and those involved in the construction and insulation industries are most susceptible. Most recently, the incidence of mesothelioma in women has increased as we begin to gain more mesothelioma info on how asbestos fibers collected on clothing, in automobiles, and on furniture, affecting the worker's entire household.