Mesothelioma Survivors

Mesothelioma Survivors Poor Survival Rate

There are mesothelioma survivors out there, however a great majority of the people who are diagnosed with having mesothelioma cancer are told that their rate of survival is less than a year from the moment of their diagnosis. Still, there are cases of patients who live past their predicted survival date, and this is becoming increasingly common as new ways to manage the cancer are being discovered, and as more and more people receive earlier diagnosis. With each story that comes to light about mesothelioma survivors, current people suffering from mesothelioma gain a little bit more optimism and hope about their own futures.

Mesothelioma Symptoms Take Time

In order to understand why there are so few mesothelioma survivors and why most patients with mesothelioma are only capable of surviving for a short period of time, it is necessary for you to understand the nature of mesothelioma as a disease. In many instances of the disease, mesothelioma is not detected until it has already reached its much later stages. The reason for this is because the symptoms associated with mesothelioma can literally take as long as fifty years to finally present themselves once a person has been exposed to the asbestos. Without any presence of symptoms, people who have mesothelioma rarely realize that they have developed the disease until it becomes too late.

However, with the recent development of new forms of testing that aid in earlier diagnosis, such as the Mesomark blood test for example, doctors and scientists are expecting that there will be more mesothelioma survivors, with mesothelioma patients living longer and healthier lives. When it comes to mesothelioma, an earlier diagnosis can open the door to significantly more treatment options as well as a much higher success rate in removing or shrinking the tumors.

Mystery Mesothelioma Survivors

Understanding why some mesothelioma survivors live longer than others has to do with understanding what it takes to cure the mesothelioma cancer. There have been patients in the past that have survived beyond the typical survival rate, a period of only one year. There have also been a handful of individuals that seem to have been cured completely as there is no longer any trace of the cancer several years following treatment. Still, it is important to know that recurrence is always a possibility. This has actually stumped a number of doctors and medical professionals as it has become difficult to explain exactly why some people become mesothelioma survivors and some do not.

Research is appearing to show one common thread, which is the immune system. Studies of people who have become mesothelioma survivors or have been cored of the disease have revealed that many of the patients who became mesothelioma survivors participated in a therapy that contributed to enhancements in their immune system in some way or another. Some of these treatments included clinical trials in the field of immunology while others specifically involved alternative forms of therapy that dealt with the immune system.